ur embossing cylinders technology was entirely born and developed within our company’s laboratories .

It uses peculiar combinations of direct and indirect laser beams, photoresist exposure by both polymerization and sublimation, electromechanical engraving and highly professional chisel handcraft artwork, electrolytic as well as mechanic shining processes, joined in a complex mix of steps ending as a final result in worldwide appreciated products.

We produce cylinders for most embossing applications , for hot as well as for refrigerated circuits.

The customer’s master reproduction is mainly developed through a two-step process:

  • Three dimensional elaboration of a digital file about the master reproduction
  • Conversion of the a.m. customer approved digital file into specific depth by engravings/etchings on the metal cylinder surface.

The combination of such steps, operated within our own processing cycle, offers and enables the highest quality standard. If the case is needed, all intermediate results  are submitted to final customers  as small embossed samples for on-going-progressive  approvals.

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